Pioneering Installations for Interblock G4 Organic Roulette in South Africa
September 28, 2012

Interblock and Atomic Gaming are proud to announce that Sibaya Casino in Umhlanga and Black Rock Casino in New Castle are the first casinos in Africa to offer their players the sophisticated Interblock G4 Organic Automated Roulette.

“Interblock is excited to extend our global footprint to Africa and particularly South African casinos with these installations.  We look forward to further roll outs where players in African casinos will be able to experience the undisputed sophistication and attention to detail that comes from Interblock’s years of specialisation in electromechanical and electronic gaming solutions,” said Miha Miklavčič, Sales Director for Europe at Interblock.


A 12 Station Semi-automated Roulette configuration was installed at Sibaya Casino in theatre style format and a 6 station automated Roulette carousel was installed at Black Rock Casino by Atomic Gaming, the proud suppliers of Interblock in Africa.


Available in double or single zero Roulette, the automated generator is able to produce up to 80 games an hour.   Interblock’s Organic G4 range offers a high level of customisation on various aspects. The stations are available in different shapes with 4, 6, 10, 12 or virtually unlimited play stations in the island configurations. This gives the casino operator an option to optimize the floor layout and maximize their turnover. Different finishes and colour combinations make Interblock’s G4 Organic range even more unique in that the operator can configure their playstations’ look and feel to suit their unique casino’s style.

Another attractive feature of the Interblock Automated Roulette is that the housing of the automated Roulette wheel is made of carbon fibre and centre of the Roulette wheel is embellished with amazing Swarovski crystals. The generator is equipped with a precise camera, designed to convey an image either to the play stations or the live image display.

“We are pleased with these installations and look forward to offer our customers the winning combination of Interblock’s expertise and quality in automated gaming combined with the dependable service Atomic Gaming is known for,” said Andrew Stewart, Operations Director at Atomic Gaming.


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