Interblock customers Played Like A Champion
October 19, 2013

Interblock have made tremendous step forward at this year’s G2E 2013 in Las Vegas and presented its newest and most innovative gaming products in the market to their dearest customers and business partners. 

With introducing brand new generation of products, called G5 HD and some newly developed accessories inside existing G4 product line, pushed the quality of the products to the higher level and showed that all new products are designedto fit on any size casino floor. The future of gaming at Interblock was presented with following products:

•G5 HD Play Station

•G5 HD Micro Dice

•G5 HD Mini Roulette with 08 G5 HD Play Stations

•G5 HD IB-HG 46" LCD with 03 G5 HD Play Stations

•G5 IB-HG 55" LCD with 05 G5 HD Play Stations

•G5 IB-HGL smaller version with G5 HD Roulette (Single and Double Zero game) and G5 HD Dice (SicBo and Craps game) Generators and 28 G5 HD Play Stations

•G5 HD Big 3 Six with 12 G5 HD Play Stations

•G5 HD Ball Generator with 08 G5 Play Stations (Keno and Pop’n Poker Game)

•G5 HD Dice with 08 Play Stations

•IB Games Info Terminal

Mr. Tom O’Brien, CEO at Interblock USA, enthusiastically commented the show:

“G2E 2013 show once again exceeded everyone's expectations! Many customers had asked us before the show what we could possibly do this year to beat last year and in my opinion the customers were surprised again. It was a fantastic show and great effort by all!” 

Our special guest at this year's show was a famous Slovenian professional NHL hockey player Anze Kopitar, who's playing for LA Kings. Our customers could also participate in our special Golf Roulette Promotion, which was a result of this years Interblock slogan: Play Like A Champion!

Mr. Danny Ouellette, Director of Sales at Interblock USA, explained:

“Just when you think Interblock team can't possibly top the efforts from the previous years, our owner Joc Pececnik, goes ahead and blows away the prior successes. We were able to show our customers an unbelievable bag of tricks that simply stole the show.

“We tried to follow the market, telling us what they wanted to see and we delivered a grand slam home run this year. The concept game alone had so much excitement around it that customers played it once and they were hooked.”

Mr. Michael Hu, Sales Director Asia at Interblock Asia Pacific, further explained:

“All Asian customers made similar comments at the recent G2E Las Vegas that Interblock products already reached to a much higher level comparative to other suppliers in the same field, showcasing a variety of new products equipped with new concept, new side bets and new features to meet the needs of the markets, moreover gradually change the gaming environment with the technology of state of art and the elements of luxury and elegance! Well done!”

And finally, a special honor was receiving a prestigious award at 12th Annual Gaming & Technology Award by Global Gaming Business Magazine for third place for the best Table Game Product or Innovation for G5 HD Big 3 Six (Wheel Generator).

Mr. Miha Miklavčič, Sales Director for Europe atInterblock added:

“We continue to innovate and bring exciting new products to the global gaming markets. This year we have astounded our customers with the brand new G5 multiplayer platform, which will perform at the top of its class for years to come.” 

Thank you for visiting Interblock booth at ‘G2E 2013’ Las Vegas show and special thanks for all support from company’s clients and enthusiastic feedback. Special thanks goes also to the entire Interblock team!


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